DIGAF members will be industry leaders representing all facets of the digital and 3D printing industry, including print and marketing service providers, enterprise organisations and manufacturers of hardware systems and software developers.

General Members
Print Service Providers, 3D Printers, Agencies and Marketing Solutions Providers whose customers are typically enterprise marketers or other service providers. (An OEM or vendor company/channel partners cannot become a Service Provider

Associate Members
Associate Members will be OEMs/Vendors of digital and 3D printing hardware and software, plus vendors in related fields such as paper manufacturers, onsumables, software, distributors, and finishing equipment manufacturers. Independent consultant organisations; educational and R&D institutions will fall in this category.

Enterprise Members
Corporations or enterprises that utilize print in their communications strategy and have a need for digital print in order to more effectively communicate with their customers or to reduce costs.

Technical Members
Engineers and Technical support personnel

Invitee Members
Trade journalists, Special Invitees










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