Executive Board Members will be the driving force behind DIGAF. This level of membership is the most appropriate for those who have broad interests in the industry and want to set strategic direction. They will influence not only the activities of DIGAF, but also the industry.

Executive Members determine which initiatives to pursue. This category of membership is by invitation only. The Executive Board will be constituted annually.

Members to the Board will be by invitation only.

The Board will be represented from the following segments:

OEMs (Digital Printing) - 3 members
Channel Partners (Digital Printing) - 2 members
OEMs (3D Printing) - 2 members
Channel Partners (3D Printing) - 1 member
Advertising Agencies - 2 members
Print Service Providers - 3 members
End Users/Brand Owners - 2 members
Affiliated Institutions - 1 member
Consultant - 1 member
Invitees - Optional
(Permanent Members from Sumi Publications)

- 3 members

















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