Printology Xperts explores new segments of printing services with MGI JETvarnish 3D & IFOIL

Delhi based Printology Xperts installed the MGI JETvarnish 3DS & IFoil earlier this year. In an interaction Kamal Malik, co-founder of the company shared his views on the hard work put in and the success achieved after the installation of the machine.

Kamal says, “For about twenty years people have been using the process of spot UV through screen printing process. We were experiencing various issues with handling short run jobs and quick turn around time on our Sakurai machine. We were exploring various possibilities and addressing this concern looking for new technologies for embellishment.

After the acquisition of the MGI, the company spent nearly six months understanding the working of the machine and various applications they could achieve on it. They explored the need and demands of the market and felt the requirement of a finer finish of embellishment. That meant going back to creating the right inputs in artwork and designing to achieve the required results

Kamal goes on to explain “We have experimented a lot on different combinations of textures, digital UV and Leafing. We wanted to create new products and innovate with the facility of the MGI. I wanted to touch every segment of the market which we could commercially exploit later.”

“With MGI JETvarnish I have the tool with which I can create what I want as a good print job” he commented. Printology Xperts specialises in business cards, wedding cards, security products, educational certificates and degrees, posters, menu cards and a host of other applications

.According to Kamal, packaging is a difficult segment to work on the MGI because of the costing of such products. While some customers get short run packaging jobs done from them for test marketing, it is uneconomical as yet for larger volumes.

Manish Gupta, National Marketing Manager Konica Minolta Business Solutions India, responded that while cost is a concern to Konica Minolta in the packaging sector, they are looking at applications in luxury packaging in small sizes where such costing structure of the package can be absorbed. Currently they are looking at only short runs or sampling by this process. While it has taken Prinology Xperts few months to acquaint themselves with the MGI technology and develop a vast variety of applications, they are now ready to take on any challenge of producing jobs of any quality and quantity.

Kamla concludes “ We had worked very hard to achieve a turnover of our fist one crore. It will be easier to reach the next one crore target”. .

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